Postal Issue Two

Issue two strats off with frams illustrating a man drawing what we cannot see as of yet. We also see his thought process as he thinks about how drawing calms the voices in his head from Aspergers, letting us assume it is Mark. He explains that his thoughts all point to the dead girl that no one has identified yet. The ending frame of this scene shows his finished drawing of the dead girl but we see a glimpse of words carved iinto her abdomen that are unclear.

The follwing scene also starts off with the thoughts of Mark but as he sits in the local diner. His thougts are filled with natures act at making perfection and how it can be altered until Maggie interupts to ask if she can join him. She begins their conversation very abruptly by letting him know that she is aware he has been thinking about the dead girl lately. They exchange some words about how the town is pretending that the event never happened. Mark claims that he does not know if his mom is going to investigate so they both agree that they, themselves will figure out who she was and who had done that to her by first looking at the body.

We quicky jump to that night where the frames go back and forth between two scenes. On one had we see Maggie and Mark breaking into the area in which we can assume the body of the girl was to ber held. Once they are in, they notice the body is missing. Mark smells something unusual and pinpoints it exactly to be an aftershave lotion with a ship on the bottle. Does he use this himself? Does he recognize it from someone else? Intertwined in those frames are images showing us as readers, the theft  of the body. Once Mark has noticed the smell, that set of frames end and if focuses on the thieves and we finally see that his mom Laura and Roy Magnum are behind the missing body. Laura intructs Roy to leave, claiming she can do the rest. We see the words across the womans stomach to read Omnia Cadunt. The mayor repeats it in English as All Things Fall then she ignites the body. Her last words, as the flames burned, were “You grew up pretty, im sorry I couldnt keep him from finding you.”

image That same night we see Maggie reporting to SImson, telling him that Mark knows the killer but did not say and tarts to become scared as if she might be next. He gets angry that she still has no findings but quickly overcomes the anger and rapes her. She seems unphased, as if it happened many times before. She calmly walks to her car calmly after the horrific event and hears a noise. She calls out, asking if it was Mark but gets no response.

Again, in the same night, Laura walks into her house, with a drink in hand, but as she turn on the light she is startled by her son sitting there, waiting. He tells her, right off the bat, that he knows she burned the body because he knows the aftershave lotion smell belonged to Roy and she smelled like fire. The mayor brushes off his findings and explains that she knows the dead woman and that is all that matters. He calmly ignores her remark and argues with her for the identity of the victim. Laura finally gives in and points out that if she tells him, it would hurt him, but he encourages her to proceed anyway. The woman was his sister. He is obviously hurt by her words but makes her explain the reasons behind the murder.

She starts her story by explaining that his father was no man, but a dragon that turned the town into what it was. We see her flashbacks illustrated with a different color scheme, making the differentiation  easy for readers. She continues, saying that anything he wanted, he took. He eventually wanted everything, but with that they destroy everything as well. Laura described his behavior to be changing, starting to beat her, set buildings on fire, and other things to the town that she would never tell Mark. By the end, all townsmen were afraid of him as their mayor so she eventually asked him why he sought to destroy everything he created and hee responded with “All Things Fall.” So the sheriff and her took matters into their own hands and hung him from a tree infront of the whole town with his last word being the same. The next morning the branch was broken and he was nowhere to be found. When this happened, she tells Mark that he was one year old and she was pregnant with a girl who she had to give up. She explains that she could not raise another part of him. By the end of her story, she is standing under the tree with her son confessing that many dark things are to come.

The last scene shows Maggie getting the diner ready for the morning as we see her thought process. As she washes the table, she thinks about how, in Eden, she is the sweet innocent one and she wants to keep it that way. She goes as far to mention that she is called Maggie because Margaret is a womans name and, there, she is just a harmless girl. The front door opens and an unknown person explains that they saw her leave the motel she was meeting Simpson in, and followed her. Her face shows fear as she mutters “Goddamnit.” The last ppage we see the man to be Mark asking how long she had been talking to the FBI, with a shotgun in his hand pointed at her.



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