Postal Issue One

Characters:     Simpson    Tolmach    Johan Richter    Daniel Messersmith    Roy Magnum   Mark Shiffron    Maggie Prendowski    David Earle     Agent Bremble

Looking at the initial artwork in this series is one of very detail. The lines re crisp and not of any type of sketch style. The focus and surroundings are equally detailed nd no images are lost in the commotion of the frame due to the art.

The first scene is set in an office. A man by the name of Simpon is presenting a possible case to what seems to be his boss. Before his presentation, he exclaims that his findings may seem bizzare but that they are one hundered percent true. He bgins to point out that there is a town called Eden that harbors criminals. The town provides a sort of service by helping them change themselves physically and falsify their records. if they wish to leave they are able to reinstert themselves back into society.The boss then asks for evidence, to which Simpson mentions that he has an insider. A waiteress with a drug trafficing charge is working at the local diner in order to gain information. The next few pages show the files of all of the locals and their information/suspicions.

The first file is for Eden, Wyoming as a whole town. All statistics on the town such as ethnic make-up, crime rate, birth rate, etc. are unavailable. The town has no zip code and cannot be found on a map. They have avoided having a cell phone tower, internet or cable. There is no trace or record of the town by any branch of the government. All individulas in the town are persons of interest in criminal investigations except for a handful. Many are convicted felons adjusting to society following release. Others are wanted for questioning or are witnesses. The most concerning of the locals are the criminals on the run. Eden gives them a safe place to hide from  the justice system. They employ a man by the name of Tolmach to perform plastic surgery on those on the run and a technician, Johan Richter, to delete and replace records on those individuals. He goes on to write about how the town keeps the criminals from the justice system and if all the hearsay about the founder of the town, Isaac, is true, then the town has the potential to become very violent.

Slipped in with the town nd criminal files, there are general files explaining the basics of the case. The operation is called “Forbidden Fruit” for some reason. It just explains things like the equipment logged, vehicles logged, expenses logged, and brief information on the inside informant. It also lists all the charges being pursued which is just about every broad felony out there but without evidence I dont see how they already have a list going of charges.

The first persons’ file that comes up is one by the name of Laura Shiffron, the mayor of Eden. Offenses include fraud, racketeering, narcotics distribution, firearms distribution, and conspiracy to commit first degree murder. He writes about his doubt that she can domesticate the town for much longer. At the bottom of the file there is a surveillance log from March 29th 2015. She awakens early for a four mile run and returns to find her son at her house but they both leave and head for town. Her, the sheriff and her son meet at the sheriffs office. A town meeting is then held at the church where 500 residence attended. The audio could not be picked up from inside but they emmerged from the church with the body of Daniel Messerssmith (who we dont know). While the surveillance was focused at the church, the body of a young, white female was being placed in the parking lot. The sheriff and the deputy interrogate the residence of Eden for a few hours following the meeting.

image     Next is Rory Lafleur who goes by Roy Magnum, Edens’ sheriff. Offenses include fraud, petty theft, vandalism, possesion of an unregistered firearm, and assault and battery. It states he was dishonarably discharged by the U.S. Army Rangers. The file describes him as a simple man but dangerous. The surveillance log is from March 28th 2015, the day before the body was found. He finishes his morning routine and is out the door, in uniform, by 9AM. Throughout the entire day he patros Eden, greets citizens, and eats at the local diner before heading home at the end of the day. He lifts weights and then heads to Lauras house and does not leave until the following morning, inferring a romantic relationship.

Then its Mark Shiffron, Lauras son and the towns postmaster. In the file, Simpson writes that it is assumed that the man has Asperger’s syndrome. He is very normal otherwise but ince he has been raised by criminals they assume he will be just like them and have the potential to cause a violent outbreak. The surveillance log is of July 8th 2015, months after the body was found. His day is very straight forward. He sorts and transcribes mail. On this particular day, he breaks his routine and eats with his mom and sheriff Magnum. Then afterwards, he delivers the mail until Maggie Prendowski arrives with dinner and they share a meal. Romanitc? Unknown.

Maggie is next in the files but her legal name is not given but her alias is Maggie Prendowski. Maggie is the undecover insider Simpson placed in the town to gain information. Offenses include narcotic distribution, assault, manslaughter, and possesion of illegal firearms. It states that she got wrapped up in the heroin trade but failed and got her boyfriend killed infront of her by the cartel, who is now after her. He becomes more and more hostile every time her and Simpson meet to exchange information and he suggests that he might have to terminate her position in the operation. Her surveillance log is for September 1st 2015, months after the body was found. It seems that the entire day she is serving at the local diner until she has a series of unusual meetings with locals, the contents is unknown.

Next on the list is David Earle also known as Early, the sheriffs deputy. He doesnt seem to have any prior offense and seems squeaky clean since he had been brought to Eden by his parents on the run. He doesnt seem to have a hidden adgenda or any other shemes in line at all. His day, according to the surveillance log, is very basic. Earles’ job consists of spending the day with Sheriff Magnum and taking care of small domestic disputes throughout the town. The end of his day consists of take out and loud rock music before bed.

Atticus Nixon is the last file in the batch, also known as Atticus White who is the pastor at the local church. Prior offences include disturbing the peace, distruction of public property, vandalism, hate speech and conspiracy to commit murder. One of his affiliations is also the Ku Klux Klan. Not much is found on him but he was raised a racist and started hate preaching at a young age. His surveillance log is from October 3rd 2015. He starts with a morning service and then follows it with individual confessions, something he has never done in his past. Nothing is done until the late service begins. Afterwards, before heading home, he meets with Laura and Roy.

Simpsons’ presentation ends and his boss says he will keep it under advisement, angering Simpson. His reasoning being that he did alot of unauthorized work and the leads just arent enough and sound too bizzare. He instructs Simpson to keep up with the case and run everything by him and only him. Stearing away from the subject, the boss commands him to investigate a random amish case for the following day and dismisses him. A man by the name of Agent Bremble enters and points out that they have a similar interest in the town of Eden, ending the issue.


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