Criminal Macabre

Criminal Macabre Issue Three

This starts right where issue two left off, with McDonald looking at case files from the police after killing the guard that was secretly a monster. No dialog is presented in the beginning but his thoughts are written out. He thinks about how he basically has to connect the dots to solve this case because waiting for another incident is not ideal. He sifts through the files to find anything he can on Maynard Crandall, the man who organized the monster meeting. After some time he finds papers that suggests theat Maynard worked for Norman, the man killed by the random group of monsters.

Once he figures out the information he wants, the scene cuts to one showing a fat man chained to a wall waking up from whatever brought him there. He has no idea why he is chained up or what happened to him prior. Unknown creatures near him notice that he is wake and explain that it has taken years of research and planning for this one moment as we see a boney hand holding what looks like a syringe but looking closer, the end looks like a long bulet and the tip opens to look like small claws. They put it up to his chest and there is an obvious reaction. The frames overall color and tone change from blues and greys to oranges and red. The manlooks more sickly and as if he has been shocked. We then see the group of unknown monsters as some are frantic because the fat man had broken the chains somehow and escaped. From what seems like the leader of the experiment, he speaks and says to let him go since he wants to see what happens. We can only see a sillouette of him but he almost looks mostly human.

We cut to the underground sewers where the ghouls live. There is an activist speech going on about how something weird is going on involving the attacks and that other creatures are threatening their territory. The  speakers were very angry about the events that have happened and almost sound like they want to riot with how passionate they are. McDonalds ghould friend, Mo’Lock, steps forward to inform them that McDonald is investigating and suggests that they give him more time before they, themselves go out and take action. One of the speakers explains that the attacks against ghould have gotten more violent so they simply cannot wait any longer despite his words.

McDonald comes home to find Mo’Lock once again carrying a message from Lieutenant Brueger saying he needs to get down to the station asap. They both leave together to go meet with her. As they leave, Mo’Lock asks McDonald about the sexual tension between him and Brueger. The detective obviously gets very defensive but was cut off by two police officers. They came to inform them that the Lieutenant wants to see him now because of the dead guard at the evidence warehouse. He denies doing the crime all together and continues to head to the station without giving the cops any more of a hard time.

imageAt the station, Brueger confesses that her bosses are upset because they have no leads on any of the events and she needs his help. He explains his findings on Maynard and she begins to be sceptical once again. They then get closer and you can tell the frame is more intimate. They look at each other and he asks if she trusts him, to which she says yes. The frames become more and more illustrative to a romantic undertone. The two continuously get closer as he tells her to not always look for the logic in something and to accept that things might not be as they seem. She agrees and they are interrupted by Mo’Lock who suggests that they come out to the main area.

The main area seems to have a holding cell containing the fat man from earlier. He starts convulsing and Lieutenant thinks he is initially is having a heart attack. The man quicky morphs into an abnormally huge werewolf. They call for any and all weapons to be present. They realized quickly that given the rounds shot into this monster, it was ineffective to their suprise. This tactic will kill any other werewolf and McDonald knew it, that something was odd. He had only seen this in a legend so he decided to try to attack as if in the legend, with silver. The detective grabs an officers badge and hurls it at the werewolfs head and, like predicted, the monster is killed and turned human once more. He notices a welt on the chest of the victim and recognises it as the same mark on Maynard earlier. McDonald starts connecting more dots with the odd supersticious behavior of the werewolf. His thought process tells him to check out Maynards residence.

The scene cuts to a subway. The voice on the intercom announces the next stop but takes it back and announces that they are headed towards a ‘new kind of hell’ showing a devil looking little monster behind the controls. The subway stops, and, in the distance, a group of ghouls stop to see what the commotion is about underground. They discuss what it could be until they realize that unknown monsters are taking the people as prisoners. They decide they need to go inform Mo’Lock but as they leave to do so, a very large monster stops them in their tracks.

It cuts once more to McDonald and Brueger investigating the only adress they found on records at the museum. The place was too clean and without vandilism, which is quite odd. He, again, explains to her how the events that have happened are not normal for the monsters natural instincts and that the monster that they encountered  is not natural in the slightest. They navigate through the building not knowing f they were headed in the right direction until they found a trap set up on the ceiling. Their last action shown comes after they walk around the trap and enter the door behind it. Looking through the door, what is shown to us is many pictures and files on monsters tacked to the wall. There also seems to be chemistry glasses on the side like he was experimenting. The sight ends the issue.



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