Criminal Macabre

Criminal Macabre Issue Four

McDonald and Brueger find Maynards findings in a room they found. They find numerous files and finding on monsters and research on the old time legends that dont even apply to monsters in the modern day. The next thing they discover is a tank full of fleas. The recall that fleas were a carrier of the Bubonic plauge, which was the strain taken from the lab by the werewolves. Initially Brueger thinks hes trying to spread the plauge again but the detective points out that, in this time, modern antibiotics would easily take care of a plauge. As they keep the findings in mind, the continue to look when McDonald finds an entry by Maynard about his research on outbreaks. It talks about one outbreak in particular that is unlike any other recorded.

In the city of moldova-noua, a mutant strain of the bubonic plauge killed everyone in the area, but they did not stay dead. They came back as the huge monsters from the legends, the ones that tower over the modern day creatures. The supersticious weaknesses of each creature, like silver, crosses and sunlight, are still a mystery. After realizing and connecting more dots to solve the case, they heard a bang at the door and knew it must be one of Maynards’. A giant vampire burts through the door and, naturally, they try to shoot it with no effect. Then McDonald came up with an idea and told Brueger that they need to get closer to the beast. They lure it to the trap Maynard had set which was a plate of spikes on the ceiling ready to fall.

image.jpg  After impaling the vampire, it recovers and resumes after them. Running away, the two see more monsters but spot a trash chute on the wall and jump in. Once they land outside the building, McDonald sets fire to the building with a lit cigarette. A vampire exits the burning building after them towards the car when the detective asks Brueger if she has a tire iron in the car. He forms a cross with them and it seems to actually upset the vampire and stop it in it tracks. Once a gleam of light reflected off the make shift cross, the vampire was defeated.

As they head home, he suggests they eventually check out Maynards’ grave, which confused the Lieutenant. He explained that the welt that the fat man/giant werefolf had, was also on Maynard when he killed him, meaning he probably never really died. They get to his place where Mo’Lock waited for him. The ghoul explains that the others refused to wait and are taking actions and hunting in the sewers. McDonald doesnt seem phased by the information and brushes off the subject about the sewers all together. They ordered food and kept researcihing when Mo’Lock discovers more on the outbreak in Moldova-noua. He reads that the monsters spread the new bacteria  one attack at a time but with each attack, the strain was weaker. The monsters got weaker and weaker until they reached the strength of the average modern day creature. The mutant bacteria created the purebreads.

Once they realize what is going on, someone calls their names while frantically pounding on McDonalds door. Mo’Lock instantly recognizes the voice as  another ghoul. She explains that, in the sewers, the ghouls armed themselves, split up, and went looking for the threatening monsters.


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