The Beauty

The Beauty Issue Four

Characters:    Jocelyn Grace

The issue starts out with frames from what seems like a poetry slam or activist speech about the obscene standards for women in this day in age. One of the audiences coughs throughout the presentation and he proceeds to explode. This illustrates the rate at which people are dying and the importance that Vaughn and Foster get the cure and information to the mass.

The frames cut to those of Vughn and Foster waiting in a waiting room as he is feeling sick. Vaughn explains that he has a new high metabolism and he needs to eat alot more. Their conversation ends when they are let in to see Jocelyn Grace, the TV personality. They give a brief speech on why they are there and how they need her help reaching the Beauty community with the information they have.

The issue cuts quickly again to the house of Agent Brandon. There are babies in high  chairs and another woman asking agent if she will be home for dinner. She replies by explaining that thigns arent esay at work at the moment to which the other woman shares some motivational words suggesting that they are a couple. The next frames confirm this, Agent Brandon kisses them all goodbye as she heads off to work and they say goodbye to their mother.

image    Yet again, another quick cut back to the meeting with Jocelyn. She is a Beauty activist so they know she can credibly reach the vast amjority of others with the disease. She is intrigued by the information given to her and she picks up her phone to start the wheels but a sniper aim beam appeared on the outside of her phone as it is against her ear. Jocelyn is shot and the frames following show Calaveras standing above many snipers shooting continuously at the building. after many shots are fires, he instructs them to hold. During this time, the team try to collect themselves to get out and the security of Jocelyn starts to shoot at the snipers.

As the teams is trying to escape, grenades are thrown into the building and the dubris blinds everyone for a moment in time. Next we see Calaveras and his snipers inside the building before he instructs them to find and kill them all. The team is lead out by a gentleman who shed them the way to the basement just before getting killed by one of his minions. Vaughn, Delante, and Foster killed the snipers that shared the room with them and ran to the basement to avoid any more to come. They get to the destination and out to the street. Delante suggests that they keep their heads down and try to get to base. Foster seems to disagree since it is the second time they have been attacked so he wants to put an end to it.

We cut to the senator at what seems to be a meeting with two older women. They started by explaining that, when they were little, they had a heard of cattle that got sick. Some died, but the few that were strong enough to push through it, were taken and that waws the foundation to Aberocorp. They explained that they had to get rid of the weak ones as they did the cattle. The treatment was also discussed and was said to not be released for another month.

Agent Brandon is then seen exiting the building in which she works, when she is interfered by a van containing Vaughn and Foster. They instruct her get in the van and immediately start scolding her, blaming her for the shooting that just happened. She explained she had nothing to do with the shooting afterthe press conference, which confused them. They told her that they were shot at a second time which shocked Agent Brandon. She realizes what is going on and let them know who is after them and that he is instructed by her higher ups and that he is ruthless. Delante tells her that they have found a cure and she immediately knows that this means they have found Lundy. She surprisingly decides to help them in their mission, ending the issue.


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