The Beauty Issue Three

Characters:     Calaveras    Delante    Jake Lundy

The opening few frames are a sex scene which we quickly find out that the woman is a prostitute. The scene is short lived as she collects her money and a glimps of the man behind her shows us he is holding a knife. The frames cut with no more information on the scenario. The issue starts again where issue one left off, Vaughn and Foster being shot at in the parking garage. The duck on the opposite side of their car briefly speaking of a plan since Foster is shot. The shooting starts but it seems like someone else is shooting back for them. A van pulls around with the gunmen and snags the two detectives from their sitting position.

The scene cuts to shwo a conversation between agent Brandon and the senator. She exclaims that there were 48 more deaths and that she cannot wait any longer for the treatment. He tries to assure her that the treatment should be approved very soon with the meeting the next day. She says the incident with the detectives had been handled and that they are under control (lie). She assumes that since Foster made a fool of himself publicly, that he will cease any other plans to expose the killings from the disease. The senator deos not believe in her assurances and hangs up the phone.

We see the senator, seconds after the call, sitting in a limo across from a man whose face is shadowed out. We can begin to assume this person may be the one who he threatened to bring in last issue. The senator begins to explain that the situation is out of hand and that since the detectives had help that ‘Lundy’ must have gotten to them. We dont know who this person is and we know of no help towards the detectives. They, on their own, figured out the correlation between the deaths and the Beauty. The mysterious figure is then called Mr. Calaveras and he promises to take care of the situation, undoubtably to kill them.

It cuts back to Foster and Vaughn in the back of the van that picked them up during the shooting. One man starts tending to Fosters’ wound and explais that his name is Delante and once they get somewhere safe, that everything will be told to them. Once they arrive at an empty theater, a man by the name of Jake Lundy is standing on the stage, waiting for them. He beigns to tell them that he is the most wanted anti-Beauty activist out there. Delante chimes in to point out that they know that them, as detectives, know that the Beauty is the cause of all the deaths. Lundy goes on to explain that he wonrked at the company Aberocorp with Eddie Bennett where they found treatments and cures for many dieases. Once the Beauty hit, they started research on that one too even when nobody thought it needed treatment. They found out what the ending result would be becuaes they accelerated the aging process of the Beauty cells and found that in 800 days, the cells superheated, so they were instructed to find a treatment tht slows the death process down.

They found a potential cure, but when they presented it, were told to bury the information and to focus on a life extending medication. They walked away from the research but were, legally, unable to do more. They knew they would be monitored so they hd in the anti-Beauty movement and started their research back up, from scratch. Eddies’ anger took his focus and he eventually left and never returned before his death. He ends his explanation with the confession that they, again, have a cure.

Foster and Vaughn are led to an anti-Beauty warehouse where a nurse finished helping Fosters’ wound. Lundy explains that Bennett wanted to spread the word of the cure nation wide but never had the chance. They discuss how they need a higher voice to vocalize the dngers of the disease and information on the cure. Vaughn and Foster exchange looks and mention a name of Jocelyn Grace. Lundy seems shocked that they can get a  TV personality on their side, but doesnt ask questions. They all agree to present her with the data that backs up their theories and to ask her to broadcast theur information. The scene cuts to that of a man getting dressed and arming himself. He places an espanic style, sugar skull mask over his face and accompanies many men dressed in much armor, guns, and gas masks. He seems to be the leader of the group, probably Calaveras. This frame closes the issue.


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