Criminal Macabre

Criminal Macabre Issue Two

Characters:     Norman Perkins    Maynard Crandall

The issues starts where the previous issue ends, in the sewers as McDonald follows a Ghoul in the sewers to adress the issue at large. They enter a large area where he explains to McDonald that he knows all the ghould present. They are approached by a group of them and they claim to have to show him something. Walking over to a couch McDonald recognizes the ghoul laying down but he is badly beaten. He asks who did this, to which he replies, vampires. The detective is very confused by this answer since ghouls blood is known to be rotten and undesired by vampires. After bringing this to his attention, he explains they did not feed off of him, only attacked him. He continues to explain that there were four of them, suprising McDonald even further. The vampires supposedly attacked in the sewers of the ghouls, warning the vistim to stay out of the sweres. The others chimed in to express their opinion that it was the start of a territorial war.

So werewolves are stealing and vampires are beating and it doesnt look like anyone hhas a clue to what was going on. His beeper goes off and it is someone named Norman. He ironically borrowed a phone from a ghoul to call Norman. He answers hysterically asking for help and claimsing someone sent ‘them’ and ‘they’ succeeded in finding him. After the very short convo, the detective leaves for the natural history museum. As the frames show McDonald progressively breaking into the museum as his thoughts explain that Norman Perkins was his friends that studied bugs but with little other information. The room is oddly quieet until he hears a scream and enters the next room where Norman lied dead while a group of different monsterss stood above him while one looked through a file cabinet.

He starts killing them off until he comes face to face with the werewolf. threatening seems to do nothing as it grabs McDonalds’ gun and snaps it. This causes him to run like hell. The fight/runaway scene is very blurred with little detail, making it very difficult to depict the actions going on. From what it seemed, he ran, tried to enter through a door, failed, and proceeded to run alongside an indoor balcony before falling off. The werewolf followed him over and plunged to the bottom while mcDonald held onto a hanging bansiter, allowing him to hoist himself back up. Before he could do so a vampire apeared infront of him, causing him to fall without any harm it seemed. As he looked back, up he sees the vampire jumping over the balcony to him. Seeing this got his feet going again, this time through an open door he slams behind him.

The vampire follows him in where he is waiting with a gun. The detective shoots him once, wounding him but not killing him. He is about to shoot him again, point blank, but noticably runs out of bullets. This gives the vampire more confidence and he springs up. McDonald backs away and reloads but decides to improvise his technique. He shoots the  hanging exhibit above the vampires head and, what looks like a whale, comes plumiting down to kill it.

image   McDonald wakes up in a hospital with Lt. Brueger waking him up. She tries interrogating him but not believing his true story of the goons he came across and fought. He asks for more stall time to figure out what is going on and she agrees but exclaims that she still wants real answers from him eventually, nothing to do with goons. His ghoul friend comes by to check on him and they discus the happenings. The werewolves stealing the plauge, the vampires beating the ghoul over territory, the mix of monsters having a meeting, and now multiple types of monsters killled someone by stabbing, making seem like human on human murder. They figure the monsters are organizing and that the human killed in issue one might have been the original mastermind behind it.

It cuts to the underground where an unknown creature maes his way through and to a counter when he asks for a newspaper. He is given one and McDonald is on the cover. The reader outwardly expresses that he is concerned that he has caught wind of what has been going on. He states that their fun is over and that they must kill him asap. It cuts to frames above ground, a construction site to be exact. One explains that a man named Doug is being lowered into the ground via a sewer entrance. As he gets lowered, shortly after, they call after him without a response. The rope then snaps and they are quickly without Doug as the frames cut again.

McDonald sits with his ghoul friend and has a drink and shows his interest in what the difference is betweeen ghouls and other monsters. As he begins to explain to him they both notice they are being watched by someone in a black car parked outside. The detective becomes cocky and waves at him, making sure the spy knows that his presence is known to them, causing thecar to screech off. They continue their conversation as the ghoul explains that other mosters came from diseases and need something to survive, where ghouls dont need anything to live and are rumored to be walking because of a lack of soul.

After their deep thoughts exchanged, McDonald gets up to get more information about the human who led the monsters in issue one. His name was to be found as Maynard Crandall. Getting information, he knew would be hard since he had no prior offenses or adresses to be found. He gets to a police evidence place and again, the art limits the readers understanding, but it looks like the man at the desk morphs to a werewolf brining no threat to McDonald as he kills it. He suggests that the location of which the monster waited tells him a deal of information. He then calls Lt. and tells her he did not do it and hangs up the phone and begins to sift through the evidence hall, ending the issue.


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