Morning Glories

Morning Glories Issue Three

Characters:     Nine, 

Issue three starts off with a general flashback with no background or information except the fact that it took place in 1490. A woman, similar looking to Zoe, is trapped in a stone dungeon type room in ripped clothing as a prisoner. She is speaking spanish and calling to see if anyone can hear her. Finally a responce comes from the other side of the wall saying “sister…?” The voice explains that shes been held there for 16 years and that to make the hole in the wall that they were conversing through, she had to use her own finger bone. This shows how serious this situation is and the woman we see starts to panic as she has only been there for 3 months. The reason this person reached out to her was she claims that God has spoken to her and she needed to get the message to someone knowing her days are numbered fter the 16 years. She glimpses through the hole and sees another similar encloosed room with the etchings of “The hour of our release is near” all over the entire area.

image     It cuts back to present time as Casey is demanding to see Jade since they have taken her away. Miss Daramount exclaimed that, since Jade tried to drown herself during the  flooding of the classroom. Casey is enraged and storms out of the room after the rejection to see her friend. In the hallway, as she is rushing away, Ike stops her to tell her that she is acting the wrong way if she wants something. He has a history of manipulation so Casey stops to listen to his explanation. He continues on to say that kicking and screaming to the higher ups is exactly what they want and that telling them what she wants wont work in the slightest, but going and doing something about it, will.

Jade awakens in a doctors’ room and decides to walk out and listen in to an adjacent room where the nurse, Nine, and an older woman are talking. The other woman seems to want no harm to Jade as the nurse does not seem to agree. Nine thinks that since Jade tried to frown herself, that she has information that she should not have. The older woman does not believe that she knows anything, but is merely depressed. The nurse doesnt seem to take into consideration her thoughts. She is convinced that Jade is not ‘one of them’ but to be sure says she has no problem opening her skull to find out. We stil dont know what ‘one of them’ is and what kind of student they are looking for.

After hearing this she proceeds to run down the hall to escape and we can see into the doors lining the hallway. Behind each door is a padded room with patients inside by themselves like a psych ward. suddenly she hears a ‘sister..?’ just as the first scene of the issue and it is also similar in that the voice was speaking in spanish. The girl behind  the voice finds Jade and she seems to be a patient. She is bald but no other characteristic stands out or is similar. The next few pages have frames that alternate between the scene involving Jade and ones that show Casey getting ready in formal attire. Looking at Jades situation, as the two meet, three men barged in after them. The bald patient proceeded to snap the neck of the first guy and killed the rest with his baton. The last of the frames of casey show her walking and open ing the door to a room but show nothing else and focus on Jades scinerio after that. The patient starts to cut one of the mans throats and collecting the blood on her hands as Miss Daramount cames with a whole group of men intructing them to get Jade away from her. With the blood on her hands, she writes on the wall “The hour of our release draws near”. Just like the beginning frames.

The men drag Jade to the examination room and strap her down. Jade tries to get away as Nine prepares a needle with a green substance in it. The frames start to alternate once again between Casey and Jade. Casey enters her classroom and sints down in her seat as the teacher starts her lecture but it seems as if Casey is not paying attention. Nine and another man hold Jade down and inject the neede into her neck as Casey is shown once more writing in her notebook, “The hour of our release draws near’. With no explination.


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