Morning Glories

Morning Glories Issue Two

After seeing her parents murdered she throws an obvious fit and is taken to Miss Daramount. She does not adress what Casey just wittnessed and proceeds to ask her ‘Whose theorem established that reality must be non local?’ Casey ignores the question and accuses her of murder to which the security guards in the room shock her.Miss Daramount gets very angry and tells her to stop the games Casey is playing and repeats her question. She responds the same way and they take er away any literally throw her in a classroom with the other five students with the teacher confinding in Mr. Gribbs that she will get her to ‘break’.

She doesnt explain how she got there but asks the rest how they did. We see a frame where the teachers are watching the students through a one way mirror saying ‘shall we being’. Will they be punishing them all for different things? It cuts to a flashback of the night before. Ike woke Hunter up and told him they were going to find some girls. It took Hunter some convincing but on their way out they noticed Fukayama (Jun) was also missing. Thinking nothing of it, they make their way down the hall as Hunter makes his opinions known that it was a bad idea. They hear something through a door and decide to enter it and head down a staircase. They come across a dungeon type room with the satanic stereotype people dressed inrobes chanting in another language in a circle. Hunter goes to take a picture but Ike hits the phone out of his hand, making a noticable sound and the flashback ends.

Casey turns to Zoe to ask her, when she blames Jade for it, causing Jade to start yelling as it cuts to yet another flashback. Pamela, during the night, attempted to attack Jade with a knife as Zoe jumped on her to stop her. after fighting a teacher comes in and does not believe their story in the slightest and Pamela acts as if nothing happened, because of the commotion made, they were brought there.

imageZoe is very full of herself and claims she didnt save Jade out of the kindness of her heart but because she was frustrated for being woken up. Hunter exlpains to Casey that they all attempted to call their parents and none of them were remembered at all. Zoe again brushes it off and is very concieted. Jade begins to cry and break down hearing Zoe act as if nothing is wrong. She asks Casey, as she comforts her, if she was able to get ahold of her parents. Casey did not tell them the truth and said they had forgotten her too.

Suddenly the water sprinklers are activated by the teachers and the door is locked from the outside. The water rises very quickly creating a pool around them as they try to find a way to escape. Jun gets hit by floating items and gets knocked out, being carried by Hunter. They also realize Jade is gone. We see that she is holding onto a stationary piece of furniture on the bottom seeming to try to kill herself, worrying Mr. Gribbs. He assumes she knows their alterior motives to which Miss Daramount assures him that she knows nothing on the subject. Mr. Gribbs insists that they drain the room before they die but Miss Daramount refuses. Casey tries to save Jade but she pushes her away and Casey realizes what she has to do. She surfaces and yells the answer to Miss Daramounts question when Casey was taken to her after finding her parents. “Bell’s theorem establishes that all reality must be non local.” The drains are then opened and everyone catches their breath. Jade is unconcious and Miss Daramount instructs her security to take her away.

Hunter turns to ask Jun why he was there, but to his surprise, Jun did not reply. A flashback is still shown to us of Jun secret. He snuck out the window and fought off a few guards until a gun was put to his head. When he turned around to see who it was, he was face to face with himself.



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