Morning Glories

Morning Glories Issue One

Characters:    Miss daramount    Mr. Gribbs    Casey    Zoe    Ike    Hunter    Jade    Fukayama    Pamela 

To start out the issue, the setting is a classroom focusing on a female student passing a note. The teacher present, Miss Daramount, notices and starts to discipline her. She asks her to stand infront of the class and explain what her science fair project is about.   She explains how it incorporates explosives and the fact she has taken the appropriate safety precautions but tells the class that when it is left on a black surface, that it is invisible to the eye. The way they depicted the facial expression of the girl hints that she had a plan up her sleeve. Once the teacher turns to write on the black chalk board and explosion occurs. From what seems like the teachers right hand students, the girl is caught but the teacher quickly realizes the girl was nothing more than a distraction.

Miss Daramount orders all students in the hall for a head count to see who are the runaways. The frame cuts to a male and female student that are obviously the runaways. They promise to find each other and they split apart but not before sharing a kiss. They do not show where the young girl goes but the frames follow the boy down a hall where a lengthy fist fight breaks out to which he wins and moves forward to freedom. He breaks through a window at the end of the hall outside to where he comes face to face with a huge rotating cone shaped machiene that he doesnt know what to make of. Turning around, he findsa a table with several things lying on it including a wallet. He opens the wallet to find something shocking that is kept unknown to the reader when we see a ghostly looking figure standing behind him.

The creature proceeds to thrust his hand through the boys head as Miss Daramount barges out accompanied by a fellow teacher Mr. Gribbs. She asks if he is going to stop the murder but he responds with a calm no because he was told that the boy was ‘not one of them’. He assures her not to worry since erollment day was the following day, bringing more students.

On enrollment day, the issue spends a quick second to let us peak at the 6 main characters lives before they leave for the school to get a better understanding of what they are like. The first one shown is Casey. Her parents seem like regular well off parents sad to see their little girl so excited to leave. They converse in small talk about their daughter and how prestigious the school she will be attending is. Ike is the next one to be introduced in a very high end dining hall. It is obvious they are very rich with a butler and a long dining table but there is little love in the house, for ike and his mother are eating on opposite ends of the table. His mother expresses her suprise on his acceptance to the school since he has been kicked out of six prior schools. She reminds him of the many bad actions that Ike has carried through and he seems to not care in the slightest. She even is suspicious that he is at fault for his fathers death.

Zoes life is the next we look into. We see nothing of her parents, we only see her, in every frame, telling different guys that she wants them to not be with any other girl while shes away and to wait for her. Once shes done with her many decietful goodbyes, she gets in a car full of gifts from each guy and she comments about her excitement about the hpt guys that must be at the new school. Hunters life is a bit more typical. His peek starts with him sitting next to his step brother helping him play a videogame when his dad walks in asking what he is doing there, showing he probably lives with his mom. His relationship with his dad seems not very good by the conversation that follows. He explains without even knowing Hunters reason for being there that he cannot give him money. Hunter humbley claims that it is okay and says goodbye while his father pays no more attention to him.

image  Jade seems to be the freak of the group. Her frames go back and forth between her journal entry and her dad and brother talking about her in concern. Her journal explains how sad and depressed she is since Marcus. It isnt said who Marcus is or why he is out of her life. Her brother asks if her father has read her last journal and he exclaims that he was so scared from the first one that he hasnt read one since. They also mention that Jade had once stalked a teacher, was that Marcus? Last but not least Fukayama. His life is not shown but instead it shows his arrival in the town of the school, no other background story. As he is in the car getting driven to the school he asks about why his parents could not be there and why he could only bring one suitcase, to which the driver says it is standard  protocal. Fukayama mysteriously starts to fall asleep as the driver exclaims that all questions will be answered in due time and that hopefully he will return the favor. Maybe referring to the beginning when it was said that some students will be ‘chosen ones’. The driver also doesnt seem suprised that he had fallen asleep, as if drugged.

It shows one frame per student and the driver saying the same thing, telling them to rest for the ride, making it obvious that they were all drugged. Miss Daramount greets Casey at the car and walks with her into the school rambling about how glad she is to have Casey attend the school. She confesses that their methods are unconventional but nothing too crazy as you see two students carrying out the murder victim from the beginning of the issue. Miss Daramount leads her to a room of the six students and leaves her to them. A woman begins her presentation by saying oddly that the students will be ‘leaving their past lives behind’. Ike shows more of his personality by immediately hitting on Casey and comparing her to a ‘cokewhore’ he used to love, showing more about his personality. The rest of the presentation was just as odd, talking about salvation and that th instructors are like servants to them. On the powerpoint behind her, a flash of a picture appeared of a goat being beheaded. Hunter caught it and with concern he asks Zoe if she sawit as well, to which we see more of her bratty personality. She responds by saying he is not cute enough to be talking to her and they dispurse to the rooms.

The boys share a room and as they unpack, Hunter tries to get to know them by asking basic questions to which Fukayama answers shortly and Ike doesnt answer at all. Right off the bat, Fukayama tells him that if any danger comes about, to stay by him but that Ike should stay away from him, showing his obvious feelings towards the other boys. The girls enter their room and are immediately interrupted by the most annoying RA known to man, Pamela. She calls Casey, Casey Racey and gave the others similar rhyming nicknames. The girls are all obviously put off by her bold personality. After freaking out she leaves them to unpack but right away Jade cannot find her journal, flips out, and quickly calls her family. As she gets her dad on the phone he insists that she has the wrong number and that he does not have a daughter.

Jade begins to cry on the floor and Zoe gets quite annoyed by this but Casey immediately sits to help when she returns to the room. She attempts to comfort her suggesting that her dad might have Alzheimers. Once Jades crying slows she explains that it is even her birthday to which Casey gets a weird feeling and confesses that it is also her birthday. Getting suspicious, Casey asks Zoe her birthday. Zoe boasts about how she got to pick her birthday since she was adopted, not satisfying Caseys suspicion.

Casey goes to ask the boys when their birthdays were, getting the anwer she expected, that day. She catches up with Pamela to adress her findings. Pamela isnt suprised by the information brought to her attention. She mentions that they were looking for synchronization and the fact that their birthday was on that day, helped them get accepted. Casey in confused but continues to follow Pamela down a staricase letting her know that Jade is upset and that her dad did not remember her. Pamela was again, not suprised. She confesses that the school contacts the parents asking them to cut off all contact with their children by not remembering them. Casey points out that her parents would never do that. Pamela was understanding and replies by aying that her parents actually didnt follow any rules. At the end of the hallway she opens a door to show Casey that her parents were murdered. Undoubtably because they would not obey.




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