The Beauty

The Beauty Issue Two

Characters:    DeSilva  Senator Robeson     

The issue opens with a live news broadcast with a male and a female explaining that the explosion was caused by faulty wiring (faulty media). The male continuously coughed throughout the broadcast until, he too, internally exploded on live tv. Vaughn calls Foster again to ask why he isnt at the frantic station at the moment when he walks in and she realizes he had contracted the disease. Vaughn takes him aside and asks if his wife, Jenna, has the disease. He claims he does not want to talk about it but mentions that they argues and she left and that was their encounter about the subject this morning. She notices his hands are bandaged implying it got violent. From his personality it doesnt seem to be from hitting her but maybe hitting objects to get out his frustration.

The third of their close team arrives, DeSilva, and they, together, analyze and object that Bennett died trying to hide. The figured it wasnt a bomb but a chemical agent to hold a chemical and drop in a crowded area. Vaughn and Foster leave the conversation to talk to their fat boss who is very overwhelmed.Vaughn mentions that Agent Brandon is probably thinking about a press conference to cover everything up but the boss stops her saying that there isnt anything to cover up since there isnt enough evidence that it is the Beauy killing these people.

The boss instructs Foster to get his head straight back at home where Vaughn follows to find his home trashed. That explains the bandages. He confesses to her that he saw Jenna as the most beautiful woman so when she became more beautiful, he didnt notice. Does this mean affair? Vaughn suggests a hotel room for the night after the press conference. Foster starts to think about the fact that the only one who truely knows what is happening to them is Agent Brandon.

image   The story cuts to show Agent Brandon entering the high end office of Senator Robeson. He srarts his conversation with her by saying that no one else with the disease has to die if only the F.D.A. would approve the treatment. She explains that she cannot hide the fourteen new deaths that have been caused by the disease. He instructs her to keep the deception going for 24 more hours and threatens that if the team does not play along as well, that he will take matters into his own hands. He ends their meeting by telling Agent Brandon that he has to call someone who “neither of them want to get involved”.

We see Vaughn and Foster breaking into the office of an unknown person. From earlier opinions we can almost assume that it is probably that of Agent Brandon. THey find a file containing crime scene pictures of more Beauty related explosions. They realize all of the events that have been kept hidden from them. Since they know this information will they bring it to the medias attention?

At the press conference their boss begins by saying the subway inccident was all an accident and hands the mic over to Foster to which he too begins to lie but changes his decision and starts to tell the public that it was indeed because of The Beauty. Many people pull him inside and cut the conferense short. Foster and Vaughn start to confront Agent Brandon about what they have been hiding to which she explains there are plans in place way above their understanding and instructs them to leave. They leave to the parking garage where they are gunned down by masked humans. Foster is shot but that is where the issue ends. Were they Anti Beauty teerrorists?



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