The Beauty

The Beauty Issue One

Characters:    Kara Vaughn   Agent Brandon (CoDC)    Foster    

Looking at the artwork, the focus is very detailed as the surroundings fade with the scene but still remain very busy. It starts out with a narration as we look at frames of basic city life. It describes the basis of the series to be an STD that people wanted for the fact that it made them look physically beautiful. The frames cut to a basic city subway focusing on one particular girl who seems to have the disease. the narration continues to explain that half the country already has the disease and either you are trying to get it or you are so against it that hate crimes are often commited. After everything is clearly explained, the girl the frames seem to look at, explodes. Was it from the disease?

image  The story cuts to a clean cut man taking a call to what seems to be about the explosion, asking him to come in, suggesting he is in the detective field. He talks to his wife about the case and goes off to work promising to call later. At first looks, he does not have the disease but it is unknown if she does. The clean cut man, Vaughn and a third co worker arrive at teh scene to look over the details. They do not know why the explosion did not obliterate her, wondering where to go from there, they are interrupted by Agent Brandon from the Center of Disease Control. The team is baffled as to why they are there but are still told to leave the scene of the explosion as it is a federal mandate that the area is quarantined.

The clean cut main character, Vaughn and a fat man converse to figure out why the Center of Disease Control took over their case. It is told that the victim did infact have The Beauty and that was the only connection between the CoDC and the victim. Foster seems to be the name of the main character and he brings it to their attention that it must be The beauty causing this and they are not being told.Vaughn agrees but acts ill and hurrys off without explanation.

They are interrupted by a man explaining that he has a hit on the Anti-Beauty watchlist and the fat man follows up by telling Foster that him and Vaughn are to check it out. He goes over to the bathroom to check on Vaughn where she confesses that she has the disease and it occasionally affects her health. She goes on about how she hates it and doesnt understand how people go searching for it. Foster, changing the subject, mentions that someone matching the description of Eddie bennett ( a known Beauty terrorist) was found hiding in plain site at a Beauty sex club.

They arrive and display the suspects picture asking for any information from the clients and staff present. One recognizes him and explains that he lives upstairs. They approach the mans door and knock with no response. Foster proceeds to start to call it in when Vaughn kicks in the door. As they look throughout the place, their suspect emerges with a gun and runs out the broken doorway. There are shots fired and a police chase until they finally corner him on a roof. He refuses to put his gun down and starts mumbling. He says he has to save his kind (a beauty) and saying the only way to save them is to kill them. After raising his gun he is shot down. They attempt to save him and call the EMT but the scene cuts to the end of the night when Foster heads home, but it is assumed that he passed.

Foster encounters an angry wife when he gets home because of the time in which he got home. His wife quickly gets over it and they go to sleep after getting comfortable. Around 4 in the morning, Foster is called in by his boss once again so he makes his way to the bathroom to get himself ready to leave for another horrific explosion. BLooking in the mirror he realizes he now has the disease. This must mean his wife had the disease but did he know? or was it an affair?


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