Criminal Macabre

Criminal Macabre Issue One

Characters:   McDonald   Creeps     Detective Brueger    Mo’Lock

At an initial glance, the artwork is very sketched with little detail. Facial features are many times blurred out making some frames hard to depict as well as characters, but adds to the overall feel of the plotline. It opens with the mob type men interrogating what seems to be the main character McDonald about what happened one night. He says he will run through the events again with them because before they disreguarded what he was saying since it sounded too crazy. Seperate text showing his personal thoughts is very frequest throughout.

It cuts to a flashback for the rest of the issue showing his dialog at the time being but mostly it is showing what he is saying to the interrogators in eaach frame. It starts off with him tracking a vampire with the help of a ghoul Creepy who gave him tips as to who it was. This vampire did not look sickly like most from lack of feed, this one was being well fed. On his way to the nightclub The Black Cat Club to which he was told is where his vampire is lurking, he explains that LA hold many ghoul that arent just blue collar workers like in other cities. The ghouls in LA hold any job and any way of living.

The bar he arrived to was known to attract the low lifes and not holding a good rep. He spots him across the room but knows he cannot do anything in such a private setting. THe vampire spots him and runs but not withough McDonald snagging his wallet on the way out. He finds another adress in the wallet that seems to be closer so he figures to go there first. He arrives at the house and instantly gets an uncomfortable feeling about the situation. Looking through the window he sees many monsters talking together which does not happen. He quickly realizes that there is also a human in the room with them making it even more bizarre.

image     Before knowing why the human gatheres the monsters, McDonald bargages in and announces his presense. He defeats all but one monster that got away and the human. He threaatens him in order to get the information he is looking for but the human still keeps inching towards a gun lying on a table causeing McDonald to have to shoot him without answers. A few weeks later it shows actions of a robbery without any dialog from the scene or from McDonald trelling the story. The rough sketches make it hard to tell what was going on at first. It loos like wolf type creatures knowing a passcode to break into a lab and taking a tube with BUB1349 etched on the side with no other details as to what it is. One of them emerge to injure the guard on duty, take the security tape and leave.

Dialog comes back into play when McDonald arrives at the scene of the crime after the events. The guard tries to tell them that the intruders were creatures but no one but McDonald is believing him. The scientist working at the lab showed Detective Brueger that very little was taken but the one thing with any importance that was, was the BUB1349. He goes on to explain that it is a rare strain of the Bubonic Plague that has never been attributed to any deaths on record. McDonald arrives and intervenes to tell them that an old legend says otherwise.

As the detective fills McDonald in she revises the story to tell him that they were people wearing animal costumes. He finds real fur and explains it seems to be a werewolf but the events that happened dont match those of a werewolf. If it were to be one he says the guard would have been killed, they wouldnt have traveled in a pack, and they wouldnt organize a robbery but the fur and the scratch marks unexplainably pointed to werewolf.

Back at home we see the rough outlines of what seems to be the event of someone entering McDonalds home with the detective aware but making himself armed and hidden. Once the intruder gets close, McDonald fired and hit the unknown person in the chest. They did not seem to die because we then find out its a ghoul Mo’Lock. He comes to ask of assistance from the community of ghouls due to a rescent attack. McDonald seems hesitant because he knows he would have to accompany him to the sewers or “Underground”. After much complaining, he follows.


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