Alex + Ada

Alex + Ada Issue Three

Emily is shocked by the presence of Ada and calls over the rest of the friends to come meet her at Alex’s. the proceed to ask questions to which Ada gives scriptic answers to. Jacob brings up the risks of a repeat of the Nexaware scare. Teji goes to explain that there is an A.I. Restriction Act to prevent another massacre and also that in order to become more human and gain feelings, Ada would have to become sentient, which had to have been programmed inside her. He seems to be more understanding of the free the robots movement as he states that, while in the military, he worked with robots programmed to kill and never came across any problems. He mentions that he honored those robots because they saved him, his leg was sacrificed but his life was not.

The friends asked a few more questions and all but Isabel concluded that Ada was not half bad. The next morning, while eating, Alex  and Ada were watching the news when the anchor describes a horrific event. The first encounter with a sentient robot occured at a rock concert the night before. The robot attended alone, bought his ticket and proceeded like all other humans when he was accidentally struck and everyone saw him bleed purple. The Tanka X5 was beaten badly, to the point they could not access any brain activity to determine any information about its sentience. 

image     Alex quickly mutes the hollogram and they continue in silence. Afterwards he asks Ada what she wants to do and she naturally responds with the fact that she cannot make opinionated decisions and that it is all up to him. His opinion on her state of mind isnt shown very clearly in this instance. The next frames show instances throughout several days illutrating Ada’s lack of opinion but still not showing an obvious opinion about the fact from Alex. He proceeds to call customer service once again to ask if there is anything they can do to give her opinions or have her act less robotic, showing his negative feelings about about Ada’s make up. On the other end of the line, they inform him that they are unable to do anything of the sorts without breaking the A.I. Restriction Act but suggested telling her to do routine things to make it seem so.

Alex, alone in his room, srats to look up more information on hte sentient robot. The company from which the robot came insists the robot was not sentient but was instructed to do so, covering up any liability and to ease the scare. He also looks up robot activists and learns a bit more about the size of the movement for robots rights. Ada comes into the room to ask if Alex needs anything when he asks her if she likes to dance. SHe responds as usual, with no opinion and asking if he’d like her to learn. Obviously dissapointed, he disreguards his question and says goodnight.

Ada exits the room and Alex closes his eyes telling his Prime Wave to bring him to Prime Space to which he is brought to an infinately open space facing a menu ‘Games’ ‘Video’ ‘Music’ ‘Places’ ‘Friends’, as if it was a menu for a persons brain. He begins to vocalize his desires for a customizing Android owner forum and finds one to his liking fairly quickly also focusing on robots rights. He enters, ending the issue.



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