Alex + Ada

Alex + Ada Issue Two

Ada comes to life and begins with a very scripted and robotic sounding introduction She asks his name and explains her restrictions. She cannot carry out tasks unless by command by Alex only and carries the Tanka symbol on her wrist in which she cannot ever cover up to the public. He dissmisses himself to privacy while she waits to call his grandmother. She confesses that she is the one to send him the robot as he replies with his negativity towards her. His grandma wants him to take the time to give her a try and proceeds to ask her Tanka X5 boyfriend if he feels the same, to which he responds, “If you think it is a wonderful idea then it mustbe”, painting a very clear picture as to the lack of free will they have and how no feelings are their own. Before the call ends, she explains to him that the robots need to be fed to keep her energy level high.

He returns back to where she still stands and exclaims he does not know where he wants their relationship to go and is going to bed. He makes her a bed on the couch and leaves her for the night disreguarding her suggestion to sleep in the same bed. He is awakened by his holographic alarm to which he responds “Get away from me”, thinking it was Ada, displaying his true feelings towards her. He wakes her up and rushes off to work, instructing her not to move.

image Once at work, his coworker, Jacob, interupts to find Alex looking at Ada’s settings online. Thinking it was just a dating website, Jacob brushes it off for the moment and they decide to go get lunch together. At the restaurant Jacob brings up the girl Alex was searching earlier that day to which Alex dodges the subject. He then asks Jacob his opinion on Tanka X5 robots, displeased with his negative thoughts on the subject. Jacob quickly gets up to leave for a meeting, leaving Alex to sit there. Before leaving, Alex makes a telographic call to the Tanka X5 customer service to ask about returning Ada.

He is startled to arrive home to Ada standing in the same exact position she was in when he left. Following his enterance, she starts to faint. As Alex catches her, she exclaims she is hungry and low on energy. He fixes her a snack and begins to make dinner for the two of them when to the door comes the Tanka Customer Service reps. come for the return of Ada. They ask their standard proceedure questions and Alex turns to apologize. Since she does not have feelings of her own, she acts unphased as he proceeds to go for her ear to turn her off.

The frame cuts to show the worker leaving but as Alex closes the door behind them he looks up to show us he decides in the end to keep Ada. He tells her he likes the name Ada for her but is interuppted by a visit from Emily and her dog. He opens the door to see her holding the rest of the cake he had left at her place the night before. Quickly after they begin small talk, her dog runs into the house cause Emily to enter and come upon Ada. She introduces herself to which Ada gives a very robotic scripted answer, makign it obvious to Emily that she is not human. It has become obvious that whoever crosses paths with her will know she is a Tanka.


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