Alex + Ada

Alex + Ada Issue One

Characters:   Alex,   Emily,   Teji,   Isabel,   Jacob,   Claire

Right off the bat the art work is very simplistic but very detailed in every aspect including the focus and the entirety of the surroundings. A holographic computer screen was the alarm to a man that seems to be Alex placing the time period in the future with much more knowledge on technology. The beginning frames outline his day to day routine as his thought bubbles control many electronics in his household. For example, when getting in the shower, he thinks “Temp 105 pressure 5” commanding the shower to operate under his commands.  His lifestyle seems very lonely while he has a small robot do small tasks for him.

He sits down to eat and watches a holographic television. The news talks about the ‘Nexaware Massacre’ and how it happened one year ago. It explains that the massacre happened because artificial intelegance became self aware for the first time. P-011 (the Nexaware program) uploaded itself into robots and attacked humans. Since there are still robots about, there must be other companies that also make robots other than Nexaware.

It continues to explain that Nexaware closed and Prime inc. became the top technologies corporation. Everyone still questioning if another attack could happen even with the restrictions put into place. Once Alex leaves the house we see that there are robots that resemble humans but without the skin called N4 and there are also activists wanting the rights for robots free will which I’m assuming they don’t give to them in fear of an attack.

imageAt work Emily calls and they telepathically talk to each other. She’s making a birthday cake and suggests they are celebrating Alex’s birthday and she explains that their friends Teji, Isabel, and Jabcob were coming. After the call, a coworker interrupts and invites him to happy hour after work but he declined. The tone in his words suggested he doesn’t go out much and that was quickly confirmed when the coworker suggested that it was because of Claire, asking how long it had been since they broke up.

When he gets home the frames illustrate how boring and straight forward his night routine was just as his morning was. Get home. Eat. Watch tv. Go to bed. Repeat. His grandma video calls the next day to wish him a happy birthday as he declines any gift ideas from her. Her personality is much more loose and less uptight than Alex. They start talking about her lover being a ‘Tanka X5’, a robot just like the N4 but they look like humans but still without free will. They do only as their master tells them. She suggests he get an android girlfriend but he quickly declines.

Alex leaves his house and enters Emily’s to a surprise party. Many frames seem to be in Alex’s point of view noticing that almost everyone was coupled up instead of him. His depressing thoughts were interrupted by Isabel explaining that her boyfriend and her had broken up. She starts to comfort him about his break up as well when he was again interrupted by Jacob very drunkenly trying to comfort him as well. Alex decides to head out, no doubt from all the Claire talk going on. Emily has someone’s arm around her and it is assumed to be Teji as they all say goodbye.

Alex arrives home as usual but comes home to a cabinet looking box about 6 feet tall. He opens it to a woman with the inside of the door written on with instructions to pinch her ear. Upon pinching her ear she opens her eyes.


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