skin graft

Skin Graft Issue Two

Characters: Cindy,   Ursula,   Lucy,   Yoku,   Inspector Elliot

Right in the first frame you notice that Oaks is out of jail when a letter arrives. Knowing it is from Tarrant, he confesses to himself that he misses him but still proceeds to burn the letter, but not after reading it. In the letter, he states that it’s been three years since the scene of issue one and that he can’t stop thinking about him. He ends the letter by saying he wants to see his ‘Masterpiece’ and show it off. He also oddly make a point to tell him that they never caught Oaks’ attacker and drew a picture of him.

It is then apparent that Oaks became a famous tattoo artist after he got out and was quickly visited by what seems to be a magazine publisher looking to take pictures of Oaks with three models (Cindy, Ursula, and Lucy) all of which were covered with his tattoos. During the photoshoot, Oaks starts missing Tarrant again but in what seems like an oddly romanticized way this time and also wonders how he plans on showing him off.

A woman named Yoku soon enters the shop claiming she is from Japan. With the sudden appearance one can think she might have something to do with the friend from Japan that Tarrant kept mentioning in issue one. Saying he ‘couldn’t wait to show his work to him’. She claims to be the grand daughter of one of the most famous tattoo artist around, Kobo, saying he wants to meet Oaks. She asks for a tattoo to show him and that he would like to take him in as a student as the models all leave.

imageTheir relationship becomes more romantic the next day as he works on her tattoos. A police man arrives at the door in the middle of the session, Inspector Elliot. Oaks is confused by his arrival. He explains that Lucy, the model, was found dead with her skin all peeled off including his tattoos he placed on her. Inspector Elliot asks questions suggesting that Oaks is a suspect. While the conversation continues asking about the other girls contact information, the frames show what is happening at the second models, ursulas, residence. Not much detail was put into these frames but it is known that an intruder had entered and one can assume she was also killed.

The next day Oaks is still working on Yoku when the Insoector barges in once again asking Oaks where he was the night before while Yoku provides an alibi. He still refuses to provide any contact information to his information on the last of the three models for their privacy and takes it upon himself to call her. He calls Cindy and asks her to meet him at the store to which she agrees. On her way out the door she is intercepted by three men in her house. When she doesn’t show up, he and Yoku drive to her residence and upon walking in, Oaks sees the attackers skinning her.  He again turns into the monster he did in issue one.

The attackers were all only dressed in underwear showing off the fact that each of them were covered in tattoos possibly suggesting the background from which they came and who is ultimately behind all of this. Oaks kills two of the three when Inspector Elliot arrives and the third intruder kills him. The last words of the intruder were “I know you. You’ll never be able to hide from me”. It cuts back to present time as if he is still telling the story and explains that he was taken to Yokus grandfather at the end of the issue.




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