skin graft

Skin Graft Issue Three

Characters:   Mizoguchi

Oaks is now in Japan to visit the grandfather of Yuko but it takes him a week to be ready to see him. Once he finally is able to meet, many questions are answered. He shows the old wise man his tattoos and you notice that Oaks’ attacker in prison and Cindy’s attacker were both tattooed on his skin by Tarrant. The wise man can sense that this was done with special ink and Oaks explains that he can hear the thoughts of his tattoos and asks why they are killing his clients. The grandfather replies with “Mizoguchi” which was one of his top clients. With this information it is not uncommon to wonder if he is the friend Tarrant was so desperate to please and if the skinnings were the way to “show him off”.

imageThe wise man continues to talk about Mizoguchi. He had much precision and created the greatest live tattoos. One day he started associating with undesirables and “became obsessed with an unclean form” and was corrupt. The form spread throughout him and it was known that he was experimenting with forbidden texts that to access places that shouldn’t be accessed to gain power and immortality but causes madness. While he is telling of the past times the frames show the flashback of the time period.

He was eventually kicked out and the grandfather hadn’t heard what was to become of him but within the flashback, we are shown. He had asked permission to what seems like mob looking members to open a tattoo parlor in the local town. In exchange for a good location, he had to service the Red Mist gang, which he gladly accepted.

Throughout his stay, the wise man helped him find himself within and learn how to open the door to the monster he could become. During a peaceful tea ceremony Yuko explained she must go with no explanation. She arrives at an office where she insists to see someone, saying it is urgent. We find out that she visits Mizoguchi to whom she calls “father”. He suggests that there is an alternate reason as to why Oaks was brought to Japan. To close off the issue he intoduces Yuko to Tarrant.




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