skin graft

Skin Graft Issue One

Characters:   John Oaks,   Abel Tarrant

It seems like only the first two pages are in present time before it cuts to a flashback after leaving a cliff hanger. Within the first two pages the character John Oaks is introduced and it is unclear what he is doing. All that is addressed is that by doing this action it could change everything.

It is then cut to a flashback to when he was in prison. In the yard, very quickly John is in a fight after back talking to someone in “The Brotherhood” which at this point is unknown to the reader. Most of what the character is thinking is written out which leaves the reader to not be confused about too much going on. The fight is stopped by someone by the name of Abel Tarrant. The starter of the fight seemed to be scared of Tarrant and suggested that he was indeed the head of “The Brotherhood”. Tarrant then helps Oaks and introduces himself as the “Tattooed Man” without having any tattoos.

Oaks realizes Tarrant is a bit of an exaggerated story teller suggesting he fought the green lantern, but walks with him anyway for the fear placed in everyone else. Back at his cell, Tarrant shows Oaks his special ink and says that it lives when mixed with blood and offers to finish the tattoo that Oaks has on his body. During the tattoo, Tarrant rants very mysteriously matching metals with planets and suggesting the angels have to be just right.image

While working on the tattoo, Tarrant would paint with the same in only on himself. He would paint the green lantern and himself and the ink came alive on his skin. simulating the battle he claimed to have fought in earlier in the issue. He
would always win, shedding the blood of the green lantern, but if it was all ink, then whose blood was it really?

Tarrant continued with the weird tattooing and eventually covered Oak’s existing tattoo having to do with his terrible father, which Tarrant was fascinated with hearing about. It cuts to another flashback of Oaks with his father. Showing how much he hated his father by detailing the night he got his tattoo on his eighteenth birthday and also the night he ran away and never looked back.

Oaks, after all the tattooing, explains that the experience has shown him how to look inside himself. The tattoos began to change his way of thought. Upon his day of release someone else tried to stab him. After getting his footing he felt something electrical inside. He quickly became a monster eating his attacker, claiming that feeling him inside felt good. Whether or not he really ate him is a mystery.

To wrap it up, Oaks waked up in a hospital with blood poisoning from the tattoos and he is told he wont be returning to the prison. Tarrant visits and when he finds out, he goes on a rampage saying that he isnt finished and that he has a deal with his friend.

Overall, this issue leaves many questions but since it did a good job explaining the main characters thoughts outside of his dialog, the amount of questions isnt huge. The artwork done on the inside pages are more detailed on the main focus of each frame. Small details were highlighted but gave a rough edge enhancing the overall tone of the issue.


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